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St.Anne’s First Grade
College for Women
2, Miller Road, Bangalore - 560 052
Phone : 080 22383421
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• Students will carry their identity cards with them at all time. This will be shown to authorized persons when demanded.

• Students are advised to read the college notice board everyday. 

• They should make good use of the papers and periodicals in the reading room. 

• Cleanliness should be observed especially in the Tiffin room. Wrappings should not be thrown about. 

• The class rooms and grounds should be free of waste papers. Use the baskets and bins kept for the purpose. 

• All stray and unclaimed property should be brought to the Principal's Office. 

• No books pamphlets or papers will be circulated by the students; nor tickets for any programme sold within the premises    without the express permission of the principal. 

• There shall be no money raised for any purpose whatsoever, or gifts made to staff members or others without the permission of the Principal. 

• Students will not meet their visitors in college. They will kindly have the letters, money orders and other communications addressed to their home or hostels. 

• Excursions if any, of long or short duration will be organized by the college authorities only. There will be no class picnics.


• Students are expected to adopt modest styles of dress within the premises. Students not conforming to this may be required, at any time, to leave the college. 

Students should follow compulsary the Dress code of the College i.e., only chudidars salvarkammees. (Pants, Shirts, Jeans, T.Shirts, Kurtas & Sleeveless dresses are not allowed.) 

No student is allowed to bring mobile phones to the college.


• Students will wish the Lecturers "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon", as the case may be on meeting them for the first time each day. 

• They will always give place to Lecturers on the staircase, verandahs and elsewhere. 

• They will treat the building, furniture and equipment of the college with great care and consideration. Any loss or destruction of these will be chargeable, individually or collectively. 

• Students will be in their places in the classroom at the first bell, waiting in perfect silence till the Lecturers enters. 

• Discipline should be maintained in class inordinate rude behaviour of any kind to the lecturers, will be strictly dealt with. A transfer certificate will be issued to such students before the end of the term, after due warning. 

• Strikes and similar demonstrations are not allowed but a respectful representation of grievances will be looked into. 

VISITING HOURS: 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. 

Phone: 22383421 

Parents are requested to meet the faculty members at least after the Pre-Final Examination to inquire about the progress of the student in studies.

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