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St.Anne’s First Grade
College for Women
2, Miller Road, Bangalore - 560 052
Phone : 080 22383421
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Principal's Message

Education is the only wealth which no one can steal. It does not imply only the knowledge gained through formal education. It also implies, information gained through observation, experience, in imbibing right values and moral precepts that can be indoctrinated to the next generation (Thirukural). St.Anne’s educational society is inspired by the vision and indomitable spirit of the great missionary Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Louis Charbonnaux who is the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore. He selflessly served the weaker sections of the society in imparting knowledge and values for life and gave prime importance towards the empowerment of women. 

Ever since its inception in 1995, St.Anne’s First Grade College for Women, Millers Road (S.F.G.C for women) has always been striving constantly to reach greater heights of excellence in tune with the motto of St. Anne’s congregation; ‘LOVE and SERVICE’. Education is more than good academic results, hence we focus on the empowerment of women through quality and holistic education (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development) enabling them to be effective and efficient in life for the self, family, society and thus for the nation making a difference wherever they are and whatever they do. 

The Great Mahatma Gandhi envisioned a future India with enlightened Indians. We trust and hope that the roles we perform as educators of high acclaim lead us to make others realize that in this temple of learning, and outside, every Annite woman would always remain an epitome of ‘righting wrongs and writing rights’ being a distinctive individual striving for a better family, society and enlightened India.

This institution aims at providing the right environment for the development of the full potential of the student by instilling in them:

• Devotion to God
• Determination to strive towards higher goals 
• Distinction in performance
• Discipline in conduct of the self and dignity in life

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